The Cartoon Man

While investigating the deserted apartment of Oswald Sherzikien, a reclusive animator with an affinity for the occult, Agent Roy Wilkins has an accidental encounter with some 
mysterious black ink. Over the next several days, a bizarre transformation begins. His hands turn into giant white four-fingered gloves, and he starts letting out random spastic outbursts of cartoonish enthusiasm. All of this makes life increasingly difficult for Roy and his uptight girlfriend Valerie. Along with his partner Agent Karen Huntley, Roy continues to delve into the mysterious works of Oswald Sherzikien in the hope of finding a cure for his condition. However, it soon becomes apparent that Simon, their agency's director, may have an agenda of his own...

Return of the Cartoon Man

The story continues in Return of the Cartoon Man. For about six months, Roy and Karen have been comfortably living their lives as human cartoons. One day, they 
are visited by a mysterious salesman named Peter who attempts to question them about their bizarre transformation for unspecified reasons. Meanwhile, Simon succeeds in opening a portal from the Second Dimension back into the real world, and begins terrorizing innocent bystanders. Valerie finds her way through the portal as well, 
determined to find her way back to Roy. Before long, all of the threads come together, the investigation into Oswald Sherzikien's whereabouts is
 re-opened, and it becomes clear that the whole situation is bigger in scope than anyone ever imagined.

Journey of the Cartoon Man

The epic saga comes to a thrilling conclusion in Journey of the Cartoon Man.
Having been kidnapped by Simon, Karen finds herself in the animated world of the Second Dimension, where she is being held in Oswald Sherzikien's sinister castle. There, she meets Dr. Cynthia Melrose, an expert on cartoon psychology, and learns more about Sherzikien's master plans. At the same time, Roy and Valerie journey across the Second Dimension on their mission to save her, bickering all the while. They trek through cartoon forests, deserts, montages, and caverns, unaware
that they are carrying an item that holds the key to Sherzikien's plot, and the fate of the real world rests
in their hands...